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Zeetex is a tyre manufacturing brand which was established in 2005. With the intent of extending its operations at a global level, the brand is currently present in more than 80 countries offering advanced vehicle tyres, batteries, and lubricants. Since its establishment, Zeetex is on a continuous mission to focus on safety and performance which can create a difference in the lives of customers as well as the society. We integrate cutting-edge technology in producing and testing our products with the main focus on safety and high performance. As a brand, we offer value-driven propositions which helped us to witness growth at a tremendous pace.

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Our History

The Brand Was established With the purpose of manufacturing premium quality car tyres and offering the vehicle owners and drivers the best value for the money.

Zeetex was established and launches first summer tyres from China
Zeetex extends manufacturing to Indonesia to keep up with global demand
Zeetex launches the Max Range which is manufactured in Thailand

Delivery Lead Time

We ensure deliveries within 24 hours or Maximum 48 hours.

Competitive Warranty Coverage

We have a comprehensive warranty program which our dealers use as a selling tool and it also backups their warranty programs.

zeetex tyres, lubricants, and batteries

High Quality Material

We use silica compounds in producing tires which make our dealers stay competitive in the market for higher-tier brands.

Extended Operating Hours

We have augmented operating hours to guarantee timely deliveries.