DriveHow to take care of tyres during summer

How to take care of tyres during summer

How to take care of tyres during summer

Summer driving necessitates understanding how to drive safely on hot roads. Tyre safety is critical for smooth and safe driving. The durability and balance of your vehicle are affected by how you care your car tyres. Tyres are the physical point that links your car to the road and balances it. Summer increases the danger of tyre health, therefore you should take extra care of your car tyres. Hot weather is a major challenge for tyres, and proper care may keep you out of danger. Beat the summer heat by following the guidelines below to ensure you the Health Of Tyres and drive safely for a long time.

Are summers good for long drive?

We usually plan vacations in the summer, but before we go, we should evaluate the vehicle’s general condition. Summer vacations may be more enjoyable and safe provided precautions are taken and the car tyre is inspected. Always maintain vehicle maintenance tools in your car, not just in the summer but also in the winter. You have no idea where you are in case of an emergency, and you must inspect your passenger car tyre on your own. A smart driver constantly understands the fundamentals of car maintenance in order to safely tackle a problem on road. You may make your summer travel more pleasurable and safe by following the precautions for summer trips.

How summer affects tyres?

Navigating the scorching summer heat demands extra attention to your vehicle’s well-being, particularly its tires. The harsh sun, sweltering asphalt, and extended road trips pose unique challenges to your tires, making their upkeep crucial for a safe and enjoyable summer. By understanding the impact of summer on tires and implementing the recommended care practices, you can safeguard your tires, enhance their lifespan, and ensure a smooth, trouble-free summer driving experience.


Car tyres scrape against the asphalt, causing a considerable amount of friction, which causes your car tyres to get heated. Friction is bad news for your tyres if you drive faster.


Due to excessively high temperatures, the oil in the tyre’s rubber starts to evaporate, resulting in sidewall cracking, also known as Dry Rot. This makes the tyre dry, thereby becoming susceptive to cracking and, at times, dangerous tyre bursts. In the summer, you should know how to maintain your vehicle’s tyres.

Keep the following ideas in mind to care your tyres this summer:

  1. Maintain tyre pressure

Temperature has an effect on tyre pressure. Rubber and air expand in response to heat. Overinflated tyres are extremely hazardous to vehicles. In the summer, tyre pressure drops quickly, and you must check the tyre pressure every time you drive. Keep a gap in your log trip to allow your tyres to rest. It is critical to allow your tyres to rest throughout the summer since warm roadways provide a significant danger of tyre blowout. It is preferable to maintain a tyre pressure check metre in your vehicle. If you are planning a lengthy vacation, a low-cost air pressure load machine is available on the market. Purchase one for your long-distance safety.

  1. Inspect the tyre

In the summer, frequent vehicle and tyre inspections are critical to ensure that you never have a problem when driving. You may avoid difficulties by inspecting your tyres on a regular basis. A frequent inspection of your tyres allows you to change the rubber or replace the tyre at the appropriate moment. Remember not to touch hot tyres; at the very least, wait 1 or 2 hours after driving to ensure the tyre is cold and safe to touch.

  1. Take a break at times

In the summer, avoid driving for lengthy distances. Summer trips require a pause since the heat of the road might cause a flat tyre if you drive for an extended period of time without using a brake. The brake will let the tyres and other vehicle components to cool down, lowering the danger of a flat tyre.

  1. Top up the fluid

Car engines are incredibly hot in hot weather, especially in stop-and-go traffic, so keep your coolant kept up at all times.

Turning off your engine during traffic is a smart idea for automobiles without stop-start technology. Contrary to common perception, restarting your engine will not use more gasoline than sitting with it in ‘idle’ mode for more than 10 seconds.

You may make every summer travel safe by following the above-mentioned tips. Because tyres are not meant to last a long period, you need to replace them after a certain amount of time. You must change it to ensure the safety of every journey. Because the tyre is old, there is a considerable danger of a blowout and a flat tyre. If you often drive on rigged roads or during the summer, you should check the pressure and rubber of your tyres every day. Visit the best passenger tyre dealer near you for more information. Always opt for the best passenger tyre for better safety on road. Zeetex tyres offer you the best all-season tyres for suv and passenger cars.